Normally we have Sunday to get some rest from the efforts done during the week. I say normally because when you live in a house like mine, you never know what will be next, what will happen.



Last week we have spent a lot of time running around to finalize the move from Rome to Ottawa, we also had to fight with the movers that comes with the wrong truck to pickup our furniture.


Result, we had to to a lot of packing ourselves, and the movers takes 2 days instead one to pick up all.

Last but not least the schoold did not give us all the papers for the kids to move, so... other time spent pushing for that.



Organize an international move is not an easy task, for many reasons, doing this in Italy could become a legendary effort.

So when at the end we arrive at the end of the week, our desire was .. to take some rest... we plan to stay at home, I was thinking to do some work on my own projects (that for me is fun), writing my code close to the swimming pool, while Valeria was doing some rest close to me and the kids playing in the pool.


But ... instead ... going in the garden I see a strange water stain, doing a quick investigation shows me that there was something serious serious going on.


In that moment I realize I could say goodbye to mine plan...

I run to check the main cistern for water, and I see that it was almost empty.


Damn the pipe bringing water from our headspring to the cistern is broken ... I have to call the workers .. here are their pictures:



Me and ... :



Matteo my nephew.



We start digging at 10 AM and we had to do a lot of cuts in the ground in order to find where the damn pipe was passing.

We found it at 1mt deep (more or less) and at the 3td attempt.



Keep in mind we didn't had metal detector or any other tool, was Sunday and in Italy you cannot really buy anything useful on Sunday!



Anyhow we found it:




As you can see this is the start... then we had to follow the water to find where it was broken.



At the end we have shovelled approx 4 mt3 of soil!!! in 2 people all by hand.


We finish to do the preparing work at 6 PM (more or less), but not able to fix it given the pipe was fully broken, so we had to wait for this morning to buy all the needed equipment to fix it and then move the 4mt3 back!



Ok I know shit happens and sometime it happens when you would like to take some rest, the important things is that we have fixed all, and that we have now the water in the house again.



What is important, is that this was a good opportunity to:

- think how easy is to be in trouble for nothing

- think how often we forgot the kilometers million of people have to walk for getting some water

- had the chance to do good team work with my relative

- think about what is most relevant, and how often we put it in the wrong position.



It was hard, it was hot, it was great! I did not had my relaxing day, but I got something much more important ... a good day of heavy work with someone I love.


And after ... some rest as well, but with a richer spirit.


Have fun ...

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