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Written by Marco Tusa   

happy_holidaysAnother Christmas had come and gone, another opportunity lost for most of us to do the right thing.

Families reunions are probably the worst thing ever, unless there is a real family as solid ground.

As some knows my nick name is “The Grinch” from many years now. But I have to say that while we were in Canada, and we were focusing the Holydays on us only, I had start to enjoy it again. We were US, with our feeling and joy to be together, simple things … few presents, and a lot of games, talk and “just” stay together.

This year we had it in Italy … with our large family. We were looking to be together again, given some had gone, some just join. Instead I had a mix of feelings, spacing from pure disappointment, embarrassment, to a bit of rage and very few moments of serenity.

Well not really the feeling you should have in this period of the year.

The question I was asking myself was “WHY”?

Reviewing the situations, I had noted few things I feel terrible wrong, things that do not really match with what the time of the year should suggest.

In my view this is a good moment to “think” about how we can be better as person, how to improve us be compassionate, respectful, humble and more balanced in our every day life.

Family should be the place where we can research, training and exercise all the above, having the one we love (and that should love us), helping each other without fear and without looking for our own interest.

Instead, we were in a crazy carousel of “things”, food, superficial discussions, sometime argument because old (very old) resentments. An apotheosis of superficiality focuses on consumerism bound to fake religious feeling.

Of course, some “good” feeling(s) was there, still it was not the central element, it was a secondary or tertiary element.

We had kids receiving so many presents/toys that they cannot even play with them, adults focusing on unwrapping presents as the most important thing to do, more than talk (for real).

I felt as I was in a different space/time, looking at something as an external viewer, not able to interact, not able to move, without any control and/or ability to modify what was going on.

And I realized that I was becoming The Grinch again, but not with my heart 3 sizes less. Who had lost 3 sizes were all the people around me.

Looking around I was searching for “my” family, and in some way, I saw similar disconcert in their eyes.

This is when I felt the (bit of) rage surging, I am not Catholic, but I am a religious person, I believe in “doing the right thing” above the immediate pleasure or satisfaction, I believe we have a responsibility as human being in supporting each other, in sharing and participate …and more. I felt we were betraying the basic rules, that we miss the point losing time and wasting a good opportunity to be right.

In that moment I decided “this is it” no more stupidity, we must be different, we must act in some way. Not stealing Christmas, no… but still I must act and start to push around me, to see things going in a different way.

Starting with using the resources for others not for stupid presents, and ask the other to talk … for real, feeling, themselves, us as part of a community, stop to be selfish, stop to be so egocentric and superficial, stop to be consumed by time.

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