Never Forget

This section is dedicated to all the topics that we should NEVER forget. They must remain impressed and live in our day by day life.


  • Environment

    Earth is not only what you can find in the wikipedia site, is not the place where we are living on.
    Earth, is the mother that give us life, she is the only one you can trust.
    Earth is not a toy that we can use as we like.
    Earth is the begining and the end of our life, not giving respect to her is not having respect for ourselves.

  • Marco's Blog

    Le mie opinioni espresse cosi come mi vengo se vi va le leggete se no ... no.

    My ideas and consideration(s) if care read them if not I don't care.

  • Valeria's Blog

    My Recipes and comments.

    Le mie ricette e commenti.


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