I had several discussions recently, with several friends and a colleague, about what is really relevant, what is important, where to put our best efforts and so on.


I am convinced that there is not a single answer but as many as people on earth, never the less, there is something that I consider a golden rule.


Nothing that has value comes easy. If you think to achieve good result, permanent one (as permanent life can be) without effort, then you are wrong.

That includes the kind of people finding themselves in good position/shape just because someone else put them there, you will fell and not have the capacity to rise again.


Anyhow, I was thinking on how to organize my next learning path, and what courses I should attend to achieve what I would like to be next ... when I found this image.




Looking at it and feeling to be in the same position take a microsecond.

All my main ideas about work can be found there.

We are surrounded by huge opportunity, is up to us to choose what to take, nothing come easy, we cannot try to do too much, using the right balance is the key.

Finally success is not a stair to climb but a field of crops filled by bio-diversity in a great shinning day.



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