I don't ....
  • Believe in one God coming from One religion, instead I think we are part of it/him/her.
  • Trust money, money should be a tool to prevent going around with a cow to get what you want.
  • Trust banks, I give them my money but if I go there and ask for it they don't have it. Why?
  • Believe in friends, it is sad but seems to me that find a friend is like finding the pot at the end of the rainbow, mostly supposed friend just take advantage of you.
  • See any way out for my country, I would prefer to have a civil war then this slow unstoppable decline, I will be ready to come back and fight, but this is ... the slow death of a dead country.
  • Trust news papers, 99% are bullshits, whatever country you live in newspapers now are just the speakers of the power.
  • Think we are all equal, we are not, be different is good, the ones try to convince all of us about that are the ones that like to take advantage of you.
  • think being different means be better or worse, or good and bad, instead just different.
  • See how someone can trust the partner (or him/her/self) to exclude any possible external sex relation, relax and do it.
  • See why we should be scare of sex, sex is fun, sex is a good way to make experience, sex is better then a cinema show or a day at work, damn do it!
  • Think we should have parents 60 years old with newborn, is a matter of clock... when 20 - 80 are you going where with your daughter/son?
  • Like the people, in general.
  • Trust any government, instead I think that we should be so mature to drive our self, in respect of each other, with small circuit of interaction.
  • Like consumerism, and the model attach to it, ask more from the insight not from the outside, but this is a lost discussion today.
  • Think we are in the age of the Aquarius, unfortunately we are still in the era of the sharks.
  • Love can move mountains, but it can do much more then money.
  • Dream enough, not anymore, may be this is a sign of the age... when you have lost your last dream, it is time to die, sounds good enough for me.
  • Spend enough time with my family.
  • Show all my love to my kids as I should.
  • Get why we should pay for time and not for results, pay for the first do not imply I will get the second.
  • Trust doctors(med), well this is well known they are just mechanics that believe to be god, or something close to.
  • Close my eyes, or mind, and at any Earth revolution I still wonder how it could be possible we are so stupid.
  • Disagree with the statement that human being is a virus, or at least we act as such.
  • Know at what point in time we have lost the right path.
  • Like Mexican food.
  • Like to work with products, but on solutions cross products.
  • Like to work in the morning, my brain start-up after 3PM.
  • Like the ones that want to be your friend at work, 99% are double-dealers.
  • Like big corporation, on in particular.
  • Know why people get jobs without reading the job description, and then complain about their job, damn you stay at home!
  • Know why north Americans do not understand sarcasm, they loose 50% of what is happening around them.
  • Drink to get drunk, but because I want to enjoy what I drink, and I drink until I can enjoy it.
  • Discuss at all with people unless I give them credit.
  • Talk about philosophy or religion anymore, anyone think to have enough understanding about that, also if they have no idea of what they are talking about.
  • Have met the Dalai Lama yet... but I would really love to.
  • Read enough books, need more time to read and write.
  • Want to sell my time any longer.


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