MySQL Search facility is gone …


Well it happens, after a long period of time without one second of relax The MySQL Dolphin Search, nick name Fetch for the friends, decide to go on vacation.



He was already not working as expected, and I remember times when together with other colleagues we were pushing on him to be more precise, and less restrictive, more “concept” oriented than “word” oriented. Not really accepting comments he was his way, and in any case we were loving him.

What happen recently I don't know, from when I left I didn't had the chance to talk with him too much, but just recently I was in the need to have his support, but he was not there... instead there was a message, saying that a search for “InnoDB” :

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Oracle Secure Enterprise Search Error

A problem has been encountered while processing your request.

Based on the information we have, we suspect the following:


The exception did not contain any error message. Report this problem to your administrator, or contact your Oracle representative.


Of course I can use his friend G, but you know I miss him, and also if I was not too nice with him sometime, I have just realize the great work he was doing, and how much added value he was providing to the documentation I use every day.


So, please whoever knows where he went for vacation, tell him to comes back.