On Monday 21 September Percona Live will start in Amsterdam.

The program is full of interesting topics and I am sure a lot of great discussions will follow.

I whish all my best to all my colleagues, friends and customers that will attend it. Have fun guys and drink a couple of beer for me as well.


That is it, I had decided to do not submit speech(es) and to do not come this year, not only to Percona Live but to most or all the conferences.

I want to stay focus on my customers for now, and be present as much as I can for my teammates.

We have so much going on that an effort in that direction must be done, and the few time left ... well I have to read a lot of intersting stuff not Tech related.


So have fun, learn, teach, listen and talk ... but on top of all share and keep the spirit high, these are hard times and events like Percona Live are important.

I will miss it ... but as said sometime we have to choose our priorities.


Great MySQL (still talking about MySQL right??) to everybody

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