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Comes to my mind how important is to have responsible management, at any level and in any sector.
Spending time in good planning, reviewing, testing, define clear paths and finally respect the decisions taken, it is very critical.

We all know that, but is always shocking to realize how easy it could be to go in the wrong direction. How easy it could be look at the short term instead at the long term ignoring the consequences.

Point like:
* A flawed design for the cement used to seal the bottom of the well
* A test of that seal identified problems but was "incorrectly judged a success"
* The workers' failure to recognise the first signs of the impending blow-out

Can be easily re-conduct to many different fields, what makes the difference is what was really communicate TOP->Down from the management.
The thing we can call the hectic of the company.

I am naive probably, but I am still convince that it could be possible to make good $$$ money respecting few basic principles related to human respects and good behaviour.

Company like Halliburton, should be banned, and excluded from doing any future business, while Transocean and BP should be taxed so heavily to pay by themselves, not only for the cleaning, but for the past and future impact that their lack of good management had and will cause.
This will probably force the two company to pay billions for years, every year, not just a one time fee.

But my point was not that, my point was and is that we cannot accept any-more to have bad management, specially when bad means not low income for the company, but total lack of principles and morality.

At any level, from the small one man company to the huge international ones, the ones that believe to own the soul of any of us, earth included.

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