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Written by Marco Tusa   

I am reading the announcement about the Percona MySQL event in place of the O'Reilly.

sakila_speaker_offWhat I see and what I feel  is that the whole MySQL community, including Oracle, Percona, SkySQL,MariaDB and any other company doing business with MySQL have lost a good opportunity (so far).

For many years we have seen and hear comments about having this event more focus on users, and less bound to a single company. Now what? We will have a single company promoting the event. I don't care if it is done by Percona instead Oracle or SkySQL, actually I like all of them and I knew personally almost all of them as well.

What I care/like is to have this event NOT limited to a single company.

There was an attempt to have it organized in a different way (see Giuseppe  and Sheeri  comments), but then what?

I remember a long time ago (1983) when I was in Delhi and we have to run from the waiting room to the aeroplane in order to take a sit, that because the lack of coordination at the airport.
Are we in the same situation today?
The one that will move faster will get the place and the other will need to find a place after?

As a user I don't see that as a good thing, lacking in coordination, not be able to find a way to agree on how to do things, is never good.
As someone coming from MySQL I don't like it at all, where is the spirit of cooperation we had in MySQL is it completely gone?

After the MySQL diaspora, I have seen many time personal interest (and company interest) take over the common benefit, but at the end what happened is that we have now a potentially stronger MySQL community.
This because we need to see all of us (Oracle, Percona, SkySQL, MariaDB and any other related like Pythian where I am currently working) as competitor but also as part of the same “community”, we can compete for crumbs or we can compete for excellence, to be better. Wondering how many others community have such huge opportunity.

So I am really wonder what happened here? Are all of us so weak that we are not be able to organize an event as the MySQL conference?

I think that, as already happened in the past, all the actors would like to see this event happening as an OPEN and Independent event, focus on users and ... on business as well.

Said that, is Percona acting bad? No I don't think so, they are moving ahead, period. It is in their DNA, acting, do things.

Are them not following their own previous statements? Is too early to say that, but what I see here is also an incitation to all others to move on, and act.

What I really hope is to do not have in the next feature a SkyMySQL MySQL event, a MariaDB MySQL event and so on.

What I hope is to see all of us converging and helping each other in having this event as a common event and not as a single company.
Percona did the first move, but this doesn't prevent all others to join and have it to become a MySQL Community event. It will be great to recognize to Percona the role of initiators, but it would also be great to see Percona able to modify his position in respect to the event, from single company event to community open event.

As always I am a dreamer, and my dream here is that $$$ are less relevant than the great work we can do all together.
Despite the fact that doing it as single company will awaken less interest (also in $$$) then doing it as community event.

Remain one big question mark ... who will be in? Who is really ready to start putting effort and money to have a successful  MySQL global event?

Will be nice to see statements of real commitment coming in from all actors.

Great MySQL to every one.



Comments (4)
  • Sheeri Cabral  - but then what?
    We all talked about it with the major players -- skysql, mariadb, oracle, ioug, and we all wanted to talk with percona about it, because we wanted heavy percona involvement. So to answer your question, there WERE a lot of people and organizations committing to putting time, energy and money into a conference.

    I committed to many people to chair a conference. I cannot put all that free time and energy into chairing a Percona conference; it's a conflict of interest with my job.

    Percona are the initiators only because they shut everyone out who was trying to talk to them about it. They did the first *public* move and they did it by not being open and honest about what they were doing when they were contacted about ideas for an April conference.
  • Marco Tusa  - OK but look forward
    Sheeri, Ok I can see your point, but ... now the point is how to have this as it should be (or as we all would like to ..). Nothing can change a fact, the fact that they did the first move, period. All the others either goes for a different run, or will find a way to do it all together. My hope is to see Percona realise HOW important is doing this all together.

    have a great day ...
  • Sheeri Cabral
    Well, the problem is that Percona started by themselves, deliberately. They shut other people out, on purpose. Not just Giuseppe, myself, and a few others, but Monty Widenius too, who was working with O'Reilly.

    Now people who want to help, and were trying to help (like me) are in a difficult position - do we reward Percona's behavior of exclusion by helping out the conference, or do we try to hold a competing conference, in which case we're seen as bullies?

    If Percona allows community members to be on the conference committee, will they continue to make decisions without talking to others, as they have already set this precedent?

    It's a no-win situation, except of course for Percona. As I've said in my post, I have no doubt that their event will be successful, but it could be so much better, and I'm frustrated at how things have turned out.
  • Marco Tusa
    Sheeri, this is my point NOT even Percona will win if they will run alone. From being the good guys they could become the bad ones. This is why knowing them a little I am sure their were just moving on but ready to enlarge again the base. Or at least this is my hope.

    I will be very sad and frustrating for me as well discovering they are not the kind of people I have always think they are.
  • Sheeri Cabral
    So here's my predicament. I can offer to put *some* time and energy into helping the Percona conference - not as much as I would be able to if it wasn't Percona-branded, because it's a conflict of interest with my own job.

    But what is my motivation to help? Percona has already set a precedent that they don't want input. If they were just "moving on" wouldn't they have told the people they knew were working on other solutions "hey Percona's going to get a contract to make sure things are in place, but we have to focus on that now, after that's done we'll work out more details" ??

    Their blog post announcing it says it's an emphasis on business. They say "it's good for Percona's business, and thus it will be good for everyone else's too". If MySQL/Oracle said that everyone would be furious.

    They don't say they're putting on a conference for the community. They say they're doing it FOR BUSINESS. So as a community member I have no reason to want to help that conference, because the goal isn't even to help the community, it's to help everyone's business, including Percona's.

    If I don't help, I'll be seen as stubborn and unwilling to help when I was willing to take on a lot of work before. If I do help, I'm putting time and effort into something that doesn't even meet my goals. I lose either way.
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