So what? nothing new ... from MySQL AB time.


I saw it and I smile, hey I am happy to see that seriously!!

What I saw there were feature really Enterprise oriented AND really good for them as well, I though "GOOD STUFF", her what Rob report:

MySQL Enterprise Scalability

  • Thread Pool

MySQL Enterprise High Availability

  • Oracle VM Template for MySQL Enterprise Edition
  • Windows Clustering for MySQL Enterprise Edition

MySQL Enterprise Security

  • External Authentication for PAM
  • External Authentication for Windows

This is in line with what was discussed and discussed and discussed and discussed in MYSQL AB from 2006.

What do you think it would have being happen if unless being bought by SUN MySQL would have gone public?

Do you remember we did not have "Falcon" because it was not really scaling right, and we did invest a lot of money there,
so what will have MySQL done to recover some money and to be able to find an alternative solution?

MySQL will have done exactly the same because it makes a lot of sense, it is a logical path to follow in a open market.
What stops MySQL was not the fact that people in MySQL were good and now the Oracle guys are bad.
What stop it was the SUN acquisition, and the fact that SUN was so far away from MySQL  that they don't really understand what would be good to go for, Period.

Oracle is just following not only his internal model, but something that was already up in the air from quite long.
MySQL needs to be Enterprise oriented, and in order to do that needs to have spacial features that are not available for the community version.

What I am really whatching is not if Oracle ask money for Enterprise feature, but that Oracle will not leave the community version behind.
I don't want to see MYSQL GA becoming a "B" series product, what I am concern is to have the same core feature, and to have in the enterprise ONLY the added ones specifically focus for the Enterprise customers.

I am exited to try the new features, and I will have the chance to do it downloading the MySQL enterprise trial.

I strongly recommend to read Giuseppe blog (,

What will be tomorrow I cannot say, but so far so good, Go MySQL and (I will never imagine I would say that) go Oracle, good Job!

As usual my 2cent in supporting the cause.

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