It could happen that a morning you wake up, and after breakfast, you look outside. For outside I mean “outside” behind the horizon line.

In that case you start to wonder, what would be the right choice, what could be the good things to do to lead you at the next level.

I have always thought and see my life as an adventure. Some times alone, some times with few trustable companions.

What I have always try to avoid is the false sense of security, that the life gives us when we do again and again the same things.

I have seen many time myself close to be stuck in a cage, which I have being built by myself.

Family, work, life styles all of them could be laces or incentive to do more and/or better.

It happens that you have the opportunity to change, that you have the opportunity to choose, and that once more you must decide what is the most relevant for you.

I have done many choices in the past that lead me to very uncomfortable position.
Today I am not rich, but I could be, I have not power on others but I could have, I am not free (see alone with no responsability) but I could be.

I think that whatever I had chosen in the past it was far to be perfect, but it was in line with my spirit. Because that, today I feel intact while if I had done something different I would not.

Once more, I found myself again in the need to take a decision, a decision that is not only related to my job, but to my future life, and that involve all my family.

The work side was the easy part, we have clear parameters to follow, and most of them were not in the sane range in the place/work I was, so change is a must (one way or another).

But then…
should I go for money?
Should I go for personal satisfaction?
Should I do the unforeseen?
The answer for the ones, which knows me, is easy.
But it was not for me.

Changes, changes are the key for growing in our life. I am not saying that they will lead to comfortable life, probably not at all. But I will have the possibility to add another block to my life’s training.

I surprise myself thinking if that will be the right things also for the others, again family colleagues and friends.

I don’t know, I cannot determine if it is the right things or not, but what I know is that my line of the horizon is there, I can see it, almost touch it.

redpillWhile what I really want, is to see what there is behind that line.

I will do the unforeseen,
I will leave the comfortable work,
I will skip for the money,
and I will take the red pill.

Changes are the reason why we are alive, not having the courage to change, will make us less then human.

If you are interested in what I think about the last 4 years work side you can read this post “La storia dei figli del mare” (sorry it is an Italian parody)...
Use google translator Laughing



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