Le mie opinioni espresse cosi come mi vengo se vi va le leggete se no ... no.

My ideas and consideration(s) if care read them if not I don't care.

One of the first things we learn as humans is that when you use violence it means that you have loose.


Not having the human capacity of using the discussion bring us to a lower level then the animal who fights for surviving not for interest or fun.

I have always disapproved Mr. Gheddafi , but more then him I have always disapproved Italian government and most of the Europeans, who was accepting his outrageous actions for interest.


It sounds so hypocrite to see now all the chiefs raising their voice and weapon against him, not for the good of the Libyans but for the interest of their own interests.


I am not with Gheddafi, we were suppose to stop him before and with different action, and arguments. Using the violence is only showing how week we are as occidental culture. We do not have the capacity of using the right scale of values, we are deem to disappear because we have no spirit's strength.


I am looking around, and it is very sad to see that today we do not have a moral direction; we do not keep the life, the spirit and the human being in any account.

As single individuals we are still able to see that all the recent chooses and events are wrong. But we have loose the capacity as collectivity to react.

It is sad to see that also if we are interconnecting ourselves with the community as never happen before, and also if we are aware of what is going on for the good and for the bad,  We are totally isolated completely incapable of a direct action and human association against the evil around us.


War is always the wrong answer; war today is like the first ape using the bone against the other apes because not able to do anything different.

If we still use war we are less then that ape, and we have wasted millions of years.


We should wake up and stop this madness, we should remember that we are not that ape any longer.

I am inserting here two different "thoughts" about the war.

The second is the quite famous song WAR; the first is a short poem from the Italian's poet Trilussa who was also a good friend of my grandfather.

Ner mejo che un Sordato annava in guerra

er Cavallo je disse chiaramente:

Io nun ce vengo! - e lo buttò per terra


No, nun ce vengo - disse - e me ribbello

all'omo che t'ha messo l'odio in core

e te commanna de scannà un fratello

in nome der Signore!

Io - dice - so' 'na bestia troppo nobbile

p'associamme a l'infamie che fai tu;

se vôi la guerra vacce in automobbile,

n'ammazzerai de più!

I am trying to translate it hoping I am not damaging it too much:


While in the middle of a war soldier on horseback

His horse stops and said clearly to him:

I will not come! - and threw it on the ground


No, I will not come - he said - and I rebelled

To the one who put hatred in your heart

and commands you to kill a brother

in the name of the Lord!

I - he says – am a too noble animal

to join the infamy that you do;

if you want this war use a car,

you will kill them more!


Well here the song not too far :


What is it good for

Absolutely nothing


What is it good for

Absolutely nothing

War is something that i despise

For it means destruction of innocent lives

For it means tears in thousands of mothers' eyes

When their sons go out to fight to give their lives


What is it good for

Absolutely nothing

Say it again


What is it good for

Absolutely nothing


It's nothing but a heartbreaker


Friend only to the undertaker

War is the enemy of all mankind

The thought of war blows my mind

Handed down from generation to generation

Induction destruction

Who wants to die


What is it good for

Absolutely nothing

Say it again


What is it good for

Absolutely nothing

War has shattered many young men's dreams

Made them disabled bitter and meanlife is too precious to be fighting wars

Each day

War can't give life it can only take it away


It's nothing but a heartbreaker


Friend only to the undertaker

Peace love and understanding

There must be some place for these things today

They say we must fight to keep our freedom

But lord there's gotta be a better way

That's better than



What is it good for

Absolutely nothing

Say it again


What is it good for

Absolutely nothing


Reading the article at


Comes to my mind how important is to have responsible management, at any level and in any sector.
Spending time in good planning, reviewing, testing, define clear paths and finally respect the decisions taken, it is very critical.

We all know that, but is always shocking to realize how easy it could be to go in the wrong direction. How easy it could be look at the short term instead at the long term ignoring the consequences.

Point like:
* A flawed design for the cement used to seal the bottom of the well
* A test of that seal identified problems but was "incorrectly judged a success"
* The workers' failure to recognise the first signs of the impending blow-out

Can be easily re-conduct to many different fields, what makes the difference is what was really communicate TOP->Down from the management.
The thing we can call the hectic of the company.

I am naive probably, but I am still convince that it could be possible to make good $$$ money respecting few basic principles related to human respects and good behaviour.

Company like Halliburton, should be banned, and excluded from doing any future business, while Transocean and BP should be taxed so heavily to pay by themselves, not only for the cleaning, but for the past and future impact that their lack of good management had and will cause.
This will probably force the two company to pay billions for years, every year, not just a one time fee.

But my point was not that, my point was and is that we cannot accept any-more to have bad management, specially when bad means not low income for the company, but total lack of principles and morality.

At any level, from the small one man company to the huge international ones, the ones that believe to own the soul of any of us, earth included.

Dear Santa Claus,

I know you are quite busy, many letters to read and package to deliver. Probably you are dealing with many kids asking you for new toys, and who knows what else.

But forgive me I have a whish too.


Can you take some time to help all the ones who get angry to sit down take a breath and think why they are in anger? If that feeling make sense or if it is only a transient moment of lostness?

Can you spend a moment talking with that one who is cheating his friend for few box, and let him understand that there is nothing with higher value then friendship?

Can you say to all the managers around the globe that a happy and relaxed employee, is the one who will make them more capable of doing business, so they should stop to use people like “resource” and think at them as the best friends they could have.


Can you send back all the letters asking for electronic game containing violence, weapons, or any other consumerist good?

Can you stop along your way an tell Karim that we are all the same, no matter what god we pray, we have the same flash and blood, and more important the same soul.

Can you take away from our tables the 15% of the food we will put on, and send it to all the people that need it to survive?

Can you find Jacque and give him the vaccine for the cholera also if he do not have the $ to pay for it?


I will like to continue my whish list, but as always some one tell me that asking too much is not polite, so I will stop, I will stop asking you to do our job, and will start/continue to push myself and the others to make a small effort, a small effort that could change a lot.


Starting from not getting overwhelmed by the rage, envy, desire but instead taking a breath and considering all the good thing we can do only remaining calm and focus, on one single though.

We are all part of the same moment, no one can succeed alone, no one can be left alone or forgotten.


Thanks a lot for your time Santa, and if you will not be able to go through my list this year, well no problem, also one item at time will be good as well.

Thanks again sincerely


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