Le mie opinioni espresse cosi come mi vengo se vi va le leggete se no ... no.

My ideas and consideration(s) if care read them if not I don't care.


Dear all in Anonymous, I know that each one of you is free to follow his own direction and to promote freedom in each and any way each one think proper. As such I am not here to ask for a homogenization, or to limit the activity, on the contrary I am here to ask you to do more.

But let us start from the reason of why I felt the need to write this open letter.

Last week I was in Washington, and I had the chance to see and hear the local Anonymous propaganda. The black bus was park on the side road not far from the white house, and from hand-speaker the lady was once again raising questions and doubt about … 9/11 and the plain on the pentagon.

I agree we must keep the memory alive, and there is no too much need to say that all what had happened that day was a lie. Books, documents, investigations and special reports had shown that all what USA say about that day to the world was a lie (for any readers I suggest to read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Hoffman; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Trade_Center_controlled_demolition_conspiracy_theories; or for another bell the book from Thierry Meyssan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thierry_Meyssan L'Effroyable imposture; more also on the net just Google it).

We all know that the move was a milestone in the international governance to add control and pressure on the people.

We all had see how our last piece of freedom had gone away that day, we all still see how USA, UN and other governments lie using the term freedom and terrorism to manipulate information, action and pursue the economical interests of small lobby.

But that is exactly the point, governments and relative leaders, are just puppets.

No matter who is in charge at the white house, or in any other place of power, they are nothing more then smoke in the eye, and smoke is what we see when we fight and discuss about what they say or do. Smoke is also this or that document revealed, smoke is the name of the agent who shoots that guy, smoke is the crisis in Iraq, smoke is the recession in Europe, and smoke is the Ukraine crisis.

I am not saying that people is not suffering or worse dying, they are, but for the real power they count less then zero they are expendable, and are used to keep all of us away from the reality, away from what is really happening above us.

Follow the money should be the motto, see who is taking advantage of what is happening in the long term and how. See how these people connect and organize themselves, how they interact and what they command to the governments to do.

Name as Club Bilderberg is not an abstraction, it represent people like David Rockefeller (now 99 years old), Etienne Davignon,  Peter Sutherland, Franco Bernabe, Richard Hass and some other (younger) which are part of the team driving the show.

Names like Lakshmi Mittal, Philip Green, Ren Zhenfei, Ambami brothers, Harry Paulson, Roman Abramovic, Ratan Tata and Henry Paulson, may be less famous then Bill Gates, or Larry Ellison, but they are people who have their hands in critical sectors and that are by the fact involve in the big picture.

All of them are real people; people that we must take under the lens, because they are the ones who will make the next 9/11 or much worse to happen.

If there is a mission here is to keep the real power under control, stop wasting time with the puppets, stop follow the smoke, go to the wood before they will start the fire, put all the information out and allow all to know.

Knowledge is what we need to stop the decadence of the real freedom.


Looking around in the night for consistency in the stream of time...

It happen that music can gives you some material to spend your day thinking, instead agitating.


I've been running all my life
Like a chicken heading for the knife
Inside the farmer's pen
Most of me was left behind
In school where I first learnt to write
With my father's pen

Mighty was the sword I thrust
Until the words betrayed my trust
And secrets gave away
I was young and juvenile
Inferno hot and volatile
I had so much to say

And the children in the park are playing
Suspiciously they look to me
Like headstones in a graveyard swaying

Sometimes it is hard to see
That all we have is what we need
I'm always wanting more
When you're lost with no one else
It doesn't help to find yourself
It helps to find the door

And the children in the park are playing
And the headstones are silently waiting

History is littered with
Has-beens who have never lived
Do not look away
This could be your destiny
Unless you learn that you are free
And leave behind the chains

And the children in the grace are playing
And the headstones are the only thing staying...


 Last night I was out for dinner with some colleagues, and it was a nice one, including few discussions about work.

I wake up this morning at 4 AM and I had time to think about what we have discussed, and my own job.


The feeling I had and currently have, is that no place is perfect, no company could be perfect, but Pythian is not an abstract entity; it is compose by different people, with their ideas, opinion, way of working and living.


What we have in common is the passion about the work, the dedication, and the belief that what we do needs to be done in the right way.


Having different ideas is the way to grow, when we share them in constructive way, so being proactive is the key when we have to face different opinion and difficulties.


Pythian is growing; it is growing not only in number but also as a living organism, where each of us can participate and provide value.


We do not agree every time, that is normal, but we love what we do, and at the end we work to do it better.

If we identify that something needs to be change we accept that, ready to do it better the next time.


If I look around me, I see a lot of passionate people, some with a completely different mindset then mine.

In the three years I have being working in Pythian thing have change a lot, and I feel that I was part of this change, if I look to the future I see that we still have a lot to do, a lot of challenges to be involve with old and new colleagues.

Is in this moment that I realize how important is to be here NOW, and how exciting could be what we will face in the future.


On the other hand we are working so hard, that some time we forget it, we forget that we are Pythian, and how exciting this could be.


No matter if we do not all agree some time, what is important is to help each other to understand the difference and take the best from everywhere and everyone.


Pythian is not just a place for work where you can find very cool experts in different technology.

It is more and is growing every day, I feel part of it, I want to be part of it, because I want to be in this exciting journey and see where it wills bring all of us.

Il 24 ed il 25 si Vota

Amici, parenti, Italiani

Vi PREGO in nome di DIO (che ci crediate o no!!)

Andate a VOTARE!!!


e se possibile usate il cervello.


NON votate Monti

NON Votate PD

Non Votate Berlusconi


Tutti loro se ne devono andare a casa una volta per tutte.



Fatevi del bene, e fatelo a tutta l'Italia.

VOTATE Movimento 5 Stelle

Senza SE

e Senza MA


I was reading, as usual, and in a paragraph of a book written by Madsen Pirie, I found a parallel about a topic I consider very important, and on which I have already written two articles, Not for sell but nore then that 

A wrong model.

Topic is the abuse of the idea of the Hero against the Team approach.

Reading the Madsen Pirie book, I have seen the parallel in how many, many companies build up their teams, collecting heroes, that are absolutely not able to play with other teams members.

I have seen this happening more frequent  in US companies, but not only, anyhow I want just report the section written by Madsen.


The fallacy of composition occurs when it is claimed that what is true for individual members of a class is also true for the class considered as a unit.

Some nouns can be taken to refer either to the thing as a whole or to the various parts which make it up.

It is fallacious to suppose that what is true of the parts must also be true of the new entity which they collectively make up.

"This must be a good orchestra because each of its members is a talented


(Each individual might be excellent but totally unable to play in unison with colleagues. All of these virtuosos might be far too busy trying to excel personally to play as an effective team.)


Many a football manager has similarly transferred in many first-class players, only to find himself transferred out. Unless they can work as a team, it is easier to get the manager out of the ground than the ball into the net.


"I have gathered into one regiment all of the strongest men in the army.
This will be my strongest regiment."
(I doubt it. The strength of a regiment depends on such factors as its morale and its teamwork, not to mention its speed, its ability to operate with minimal supplies, and similar attributes.)


Let me say (Marco here), that is exactly what we see happening in some companies, were instead of having benefit, teams are consumed by this people which are so selfish and isolated to be only a disruptive elements.
Not all the heroes are like that, in fact is the model that is wrong not the people, real heroes are able to be modest and interact with everyone, not pretending but offering.
The ones that pretend to be the best and are not able to accept criticism, the ones that do not share, do not interact. Are nothing else then garbage.


The fallacy arises from a failure to recognize that the group is a distinct entity of which things can be said which do not apply to individual persons.
Evidence advanced to attest to the qualities of the members is therefore irrelevant to an appraisal of the group.
Americans are particularly vulnerable to this fallacy because their grammar makes no distinction between the collective entity and the individuals within it.
It seems to be universal in the American language to use singular verbs for collective nouns, regardless of whether the members or the group are being referred to. 
In English we would say 'the crew is a good one', referring to it as a separate entity, but 'the crew are tired', if we are speaking of its members.
In American one uses the singular verb in both cases, losing an important distinction.

Marco here again ...
Trust me if you are a CEO, a good one you do not want to have your company made by heroes, but by teams.

Еще не поздно повернуть время вспять, решил "Скачать мы идем играть"он, чувствуя, как легкие струи дождя, смешиваясь со слезами, "Скачать мобильную версия вконтакте"катятся у него по щекам.

Вы лжете, "Скачать вокалоидов"заявил Римо и повесил трубку.

Он знал о том, что есть единственный верный "Николаса спаркса дневник памяти скачать"путь, а они не "Скачать песню сексуально"знали.

Огромная яма-ловушка около Рима тоже оказалась "Фильм джонни д скачать"бесполезной.

Понемногу он успокоился и только "Скачать песни вендетты"изредка жалобно скулил.

Так что, парень, оставь свою ложь при себе.

Машины заполняли автостоянку, стояли по обе стороны "Скачать картинки грустные"каждого переулка, а их водители отдыхали в домах, скрываясь от палящего солнца.

Весь облик его преобразился, словно по волшебству.

Мы же "Фильмы скачать на самсунг"обшарили все подвалы, сараи, амбары.

Джил ""с благодарностью осушила бокал.

Врываться в помещение не "Скачать пираты карибского моря фильм"следовало.

Наличие телефона дало бы возможность любому полицейскому или обывателю-прохвосту предупредить власти ""о замеченных им каких-нибудь подозрительных, с его точки зрения, явлениях.

Вдали послышались звуки полицейской сирены.

Томас Стернс Элиот Дом среди дюн был старый, фундамент из цементных блоков поддерживал каркас "Скачать мексиканскую музыку?"из настоящего дерева.

Мы привыкали к ним, так же как привыкали и к тем удовольствиям, которые доступны живым.

Он разложил тело, скрестил на груди руки, натянул капюшон, прикрыв им лицо.

Нужно решить, кто из участников пьесы достоин "Скачать студио пинакле 14"награды.

Из преисподней рабочие лихо сбрасывали вниз строительные блоки, а стоявшие на Земле демоны с проклятиями увертывались, но все же ловили их и ставили друг на друга.

Только благодаря моим стараниям,-напомнил Балоуну старший писарь,-вы остались в денщиках "Фильм армагеддон скачать"у господина обер-лейтенанта.

Вы могущественны, Пришедший-в-гости-миф.

Хью прополз на длину собственного тела и немного передохнул.

Платформа опустилась, посадка приглушена.

Немного погодя, периодически поводя лучами фонарей, мы обнаружили сменный агрегат, спускающийся сверху.

Если "Скачать песню сергея трофимов"эта штука не будет излечивать насморк, то вполне сгодится от чесотки.

Острие выступа ни щите Джэнси "Голуби песня скачать"пробило тонкие носовые кости гиены и проникло в черепную коробку.

Он показывал, например, как "Prestigio 5300bt прошивка"нужно стрелять в переполненном зале, скажем, во время пресс-конференции.

В конвертике рядом детонаторы толщиной с карандаш от каждого из них тянулись по два толстых коротких проводка, один "Скачать ирина круг и алексей брянцев любимый взгляд"красного цвета, другой черного.

Снова и снова я говорил что-нибудь, чтобы возвращать его к теме алмазов, все готовился бросить ему имя Руди Майерса.

Отшельник взвизгнул и повалился на землю.

Через некоторое время барабанный бой заставил все мою голову, землю, воздух закружиться.

Мартин Фракуар Таппер лег "скачать этикетку на бутылку"сверху на Элизабет Баррет Браунинг, у обоих "игры на игровую консоль"оторвались переплеты.

Хотя победой над "покемон хентай игры"Чахолдруданом я во многом был "музыка скачать сердючка"обязан чистейшему везению, я не "макромедиа флэш плееры скачать"боялся сражений.

Да известят вас боги о своей воле.

Если лошадей "скачать книги ю шиловой шилова"окажется больше, чем "скачать бесплатно сериал шеф"понадобится, то выпустите остальных и разгоните.

Последним "романа трахтенберга скачать"дрожащим усилием Хасан выбросил руки вперед, направляя это что-то "виста виндовс скачать"в голову Амнета.

Ты решила проблему выстрела "скачать дух времен"в Люка, создав ситуацию, когда он застрелил тебя.

Но времени тренироваться сейчас "Большая энциклопедия целительнных и драгоценных камней" не было; мне требовалось выполнить свою задачу, "У каждого своя цена" как только я смогу выиграть несколько секунд для "Звук воды" этого.

Небо было наполнено оранжевыми "Информатика. Учебник. Начальный уровень. Учебно-методический комплект для средней школы" и розовыми сполохами.

Чего не мог никак "Две Дианы" взять в толк Этан, так это почему волоконно-оптические линии, соединявшие "Хитроумный идальго Дон Кихот Ламанчский" приемное устройство биржи с телепортами, пропустил "Когда уйдет Путин?" удар и паралич охватил торговые залы.

Лорд "Советы олигарха" Кай, подал голос Ширики, вам бы стоило немного прибраться и приготовиться "Как обрести спасение Жизнь по замыслу Божьему" к приему "Стандарты программирования на С++" гостей.

Один за другим недобрые взгляды останавливались на Луи Бреве.

Вексрот нахмурился и внимательно посмотрел на меня.

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